Accepted to the 42nd HORTT


The images on this site have been composed in the 35mm format

with the aspect ratio of 1.5:1.

They have been captured on film and scanned

with a 4000 ppi film scanner or

they have been captured

with a 12 MP output digital SLR.

In either case they are full frame

and have not been cropped nor rotated

except 180 degree in one alternate view instance.

The resulting 120 MB high-bit files for film

or 70 MB for digital will print on 17x22inch paper

with fidelity, and for some subjects, 24x36inch.

Only images of critical and theoretical sharpness

would withstand this degree of enlargement.

Large prints are impactful far beyond web representation.

Size distinguishes superior techniques and equipment.

Photography is a technical art.


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